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"Most People Fail To Execute Due To An Inability To Properly Self-Assess"

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My Keys To Me Assessment

Dive Deep

Identifying our Natural & Adaptive styles to address Problems, People, Pace, & Procedures. Taking a deep look at who we are on our own vs. in groups or in times of stress.

Catered to You

A personalized, detailed report and coaching sessions addressing individual keys to communicate, motivate, and maximize our abilities.

Become Aware

Removing the "Blind Spots" surrounding our perception of our own performance, tendencies and behaviours. 

About Us

Jermaine Morris is a certified Coach & Consultant with a practice focused 

on "self awareness without judgment" and personal development based on using the DISC Assessment.

The Keys To Me Assessment is a test that shows how we make decisions, interact

with people, the pace we prefer to work at and how we adhere to rules and protocols.

It also highlights our strengths, ideal environment, communication style, potential 

behavioural blind spots and more. It's a great way to learn about how we are and

operate in school, business, relationships, and life when we're calm and confident, and what changes when we become stressed or under pressure. 

"Most people fail due to an inability to properly self assess."

 In affiliation with Extreme Execution, a service provided by Thomas & Thomas Consulting, LLC



"I think that the program was a learning experience for me. I went into it on a whim because it had been recommended to me and I was really surprised about how much a computer program knew a bout me from just a few questions. I think that Jermaine does a great job of really tailoring the program to you especially through the different tasks that you are given each week."

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