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The Keys To Me: Never Scared...Well Sometimes

As human beings we are creatures of habit. We will stay in the same environment, with the same people, practicing the same behaviours. Even if we don't like the results. "The devil we know" often beats the possibility of something better because of fear and uncertainty. If we want more or simply different, we have to be intentional about addressing those fears.

The key to recognising those fears begins with acknowledging our patterns. If the thought of changing jobs, ending/starting a relationship, or making any kind of life shift fills us with fear to the point of inactivity it's important that we put those fears on trial.

Is there another way to look at this situation? Are there any alternative outcomes or only the ones we are fearful of? What could happen if we only see the situation positively? Are these fears ours or someone else's? If so, who's? Are we operating from memory or imagination? Meaning, are our fears based on past experiences or fears of what could happen? Questions that lead us to look at the situation objectively can help reduce some of the fears and anxieties that keep us in undesirable spaces.

Learning ourselves and how we respond to the world informs us of our operating system aka how we interface with life. With that knowledge we can plan and prepare better and make the right decisions to manifest our dreams. Information changes situations that's why it's key that we're always updating our operating system. And that happens as we more and more learn about ourselves.

- Jermaine Morris


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